Treasure Coast Hospice volunteer opportunitiesWe are always looking for volunteers with a "Hospice Heart" to help us in our mission to provide compassionate, high-quality care for our patients and those who share their lives. Listed below are various volunteer opportunities that we hope you will consider using your talent to help at Treasure Coast Hospice. Please click on any of the words below, you will be able to read a description of the opportunity.

Please contact Terry Clark at 772-403-4540 in Martin County or Hascia Marder at 772-807-6468 in St. Lucie County for more information about how to become a volunteer.

Patient Visitor Volunteers: You will visit a patient in his or her home, a nursing facility, assisted living residence, or hospice house. Often you will provide respite for the caregiver, along with social and emotional support for the patient. If the patient is able, during these visits you may share common bonds as hobbies and chats about places the patient holds dear. It could be a simple game of cards, watching a television show together or simply holding a patient's hand so that they know they are not alone. The stories and the situations are different every time a new patient and volunteer come together. As time goes on, we have seen our patients and volunteers become fast friends and "adopt" each other.

Weekend Call Program: You will come to one of our offices at 10 a.m. on Thursday mornings and call patients’ homes to see if they need supplies or medicine ordered before the weekend. This provides an added layer of care for our patients as nurses are informed of what the patients are in need of for the weekend and how their patients are faring. Often, patients and their caregivers build relationships with the volunteer who calls them each Thursday.

Family Support Volunteer: You will go to the Hospice Houses to be with the family while a patient is being admitted. At a time like this there can be quite a bit of confusion for the patient and the family. This volunteer position is about meeting families’ needs wherever they are at in that moment. Some families might need you simply to listen to what they have to say, others might need answers to questions about the hospice house. The volunteer hours at the Hospice Houses would be any day of the week, either 2 to 4 p.m. or 4 to 6 p.m. These are the busiest times.

Life Enrichment Dementia Program: You will work with dementia patients in assisted living residences and skilled nursing facilities, one-on-one or with activity directors. We provide special training for these volunteers.

Activity Director Assistant: You will help engage Treasure Coast Hospice patients in fun activities at skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities that have activities directors.

Hospice House Volunteer: Your job could include staffing the front desk at one of our Hospice Houses to welcome and direct visitors, or visiting patients in the Hospice House. Volunteers are needed seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is a great opportunity for someone who works or goes to school. We provide special training for this position.

Bereavement Visitor: You will visit the family members and/or the caregivers of a patient who has recently died to help bring healing. Our bereavement staff provides very specific training for this.

Bereavement Support Volunteer: You will call the caregiver or a family member of a Treasure Coast Hospice patient who has recently died to let them know about the bereavement counseling services that we offer and to listen to how they are managing. You might also attend and lend support at the grief support groups. If you are not comfortable calling or attending support groups, you could  help by sending bereaved family members and caregivers’ follow-up mailings about the stages of grief.

Veterans Visiting Veterans: You will have the honor of visiting veteran patients and presenting them with a pin and certificate specific to their branch of service. We would love fellow veterans to present this honor, but we do accept non-veterans for this volunteer opportunity since it is about thanking our veterans for their service to the country.

11th Hour Volunteer: You will be on call during a scheduled time slot to sit with and bring comfort to a patient in his or her final 24 to 48 hours or during a period of agitation. This might mean holding their hand or just being a presence in the room, each situation is different. This service is provided so that no patient dies alone. We provide specialized training for 11th Hour volunteers.

Spiritual Care Volunteer: You will visit with patients who have requested a visit from a spiritual care volunteer and may discuss spiritual concerns in a non-denominational context. Our chaplains provide an extensive training program before you meet with patients.

Alzheimer’s Care Volunteer: You visit with Alzheimer's patients to give the caregiver an opportunity to run errands and do other respite activities. We have needs in homes and at the skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities where we have Alzheimer’s patients. We provide our volunteers with a very thorough Alzheimer’s care training program.

HosPet Volunteer: You and your dog will visit patients in assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and Hospice Houses. If your dog has the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen certification, please consider joining the HosPet team. Nearly all patients delight in a tail-wagging visit from a lovable four-legged friendly face. The pet owner volunteer will need to attend volunteer training to participate in this opportunity.

Front Desk Receptionist: You will greet visitors at the Mayes Center for Hope in Stuart and at our Port St. Lucie offices. Coverage is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the weekdays. We are looking for volunteers to work mornings or afternoons. You will be able to discuss this with the coordinator. You will not need to deal with the pressures of phone calls; we just need you to offer a friendly smile and directions for people who walk in to our offices.

Dementia Program: You will work the activity director of a skilled nursing facility to engage Treasure Coast Hospice patients in fun activities.

Memory Bear Stitchers: You are given the pattern, stuffing and material to make a bear from the clothing of a loved one who has died. The caregivers and families are so appreciative of the time and effort that are put into these works of love.

IDT Volunteer: You attend the Interdisciplinary Team Meeting where members of our patient care team discuss the status and needs of our patients and report back to our volunteer coordinator on changes in our patients’ needs. One of the patient visitor coordinators will train you.

Supplies Volunteer: You will be responsible for reorganizing large boxes of gloves, bandages and other supplies into individual packaging for our clinical staff. This service helps our staff to efficiently serve our patients.

Thrift Store Volunteer: You will put your retail flair and smiling face to service as a cashier, sorter or tagger at one of our four store locations.

Stitchers: You will stitch stuffed balls, stuffed blocks, napkins and washable dolls for our patients with dementia. These items are used for the fun activities dementia patients participate in with their activities director. We supply the pattern, stuffing and material, and you can stitch at home or in our Port St. Lucie office.

Art Therapy Volunteer: You will visit with a patient and do crafts, draw and color in coloring books. You get to have a good time along with the patient.

Bedside Music Volunteer: You will play a musical instrument or share music on your iPod or CDs at a patient’s bedside. Music can spur many fond memories, thoughts and emotions for our patients.

Massage Therapy Volunteer: You must be a licensed massage therapist to perform this valuable service for our patients.

Aromatherapy Volunteer: You can provide this service to our patients after you take our aromatherapy training. We want our patients to enjoy the calming effects of aromatherapy so they can experience a soothing sense of peace.

Gardening Volunteers: We have beautiful grounds in both St. Lucie and Martin counties. If you are blessed with a green thumb, consider helping maintain our flowerbeds. Our patients, visitors and staff really do appreciate the results of your hard work.

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