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Q: What can Treasure Coast Hospice do for me?

A: A Treasure Coast Hospice team of physicians, nurses, hospice aides, counselors, social workers, chaplains and volunteers will surround you and those who share your life with comfort, support and care, so you can enjoy your time to the fullest extent.

Q: Should I wait for a physician to raise the possibility of hospice, or should I raise it first?

A: The patient and family should feel free to discuss hospice care at any time with their physician, as well as with other health care professionals, clergy or friends. You may also call us and speak to one of our compassionate professionals about hospice care.

Q: When should a decision be made about receiving hospice services?

A: It is appropriate to discuss all of a patient's care options, including hospice, at any time during an advancing illness. An early call to Treasure Coast Hospice brings support for the caregiver and health-care services for the patient as soon as possible.

Q: How do I arrange hospice care?

A: Simply call us. A referral or inquiry to Treasure Coast Hospice can be made by the patient, loved one, family member, friend, clergy, hospital staff or physician. For further information on how to get help, please click here.

Q: How will pain medications keep my loved one comfortable?

A: Treasure Coast Hospice has unparalleled expertise in pain management. We strive to keep patients pain-free and comfortable by using combinations of different medications and therapies. The goal is to allow patients to remain as alert and aware of their surroundings as possible.

Q: Can a hospice patient who shows signs of recovery be returned to regular medical treatment?

A: Certainly. If the patient's condition improves, you can ask to no longer receive hospice services. If you later need to return to hospice, you may simply call us. We are here for you.

Q: How is hospice care paid for?

A: Treasure Coast Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance policies. In addition, Treasure Coast Hospice is a not-for-profit agency and receives generous support from the community. No one is denied services because of inability to pay.

Q: How does hospice provide help to a patient's family and friends?

A: Supportive care to family and loved ones is an integral part of our philosophy. Treasure Coast Hospice provides educational and emotional support to all who shares the patient's life: family member, friend, any loved one.

Q: Where is hospice care provided?

A: Patients can receive hospice services in many different settings – in their own homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals or one of our own hospice houses.

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